The World Championships

Groom Team Wales will compete at the world championships in belgium 2019 for the first time ever. We attended the last one to spectate and was blown away by the amazing organisation on the show as well as all the teams competing, the winners from the 2017 worlds were as follows :

Final Results

1st     USA                                  215 points                  
2nd    Italy                                 205
3rd     Russia                             196
4th     England                          192
5th     Belgium                          175
6th     France                            165
7th     Netherlands                  144
8th     Brazil                              142
9th     Australia                        131
10th   Spain                              127
11th   Germany                        123
12th   Switzerland                  117
13th   Canada                          102
14th   Greece                           94
15th   Poland                           92
16th   Ukraine                         91
17th   China                             82
18th   Sweden                         56
19th   Portugal                       39
20th   Mexico                         28



​The next World Championships will take place on September 2019 within Groomania, Belgium